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The company AUTOGAS CENTRE PLUS Ltd. was established by connection of professionals with 20 years of experience, who want to provide services related to the rebuilding of alternative fuel LPG / CNG otherwise than previously it was normal. Since its foundation the company has been able to establish itself on unused segment of the market with new and almost new cars.

As the only company in the market has a unique insurance product that covers any damage to the parts that were concerned reconstruction. This product from us is also used by brands such as Mitsubishi, Chevrolet and Hyundai. Newly customers no longer have to worry about whether they rebuilt after the so-called "falls warranty" on new or nearly new car. Even here, there is a product on the vehicles warranty and 2 years! Our company manufarcturer customers and offers a wide shot services related to the rebuilding of alternative drive systems for LPG and CNG.

Our long term goal is to provide the best service in the quality of the installation, subsequent customer care, as well as training and technical support for installation companies, as evidenced by the ISO 9001 certification according to the strict criteria of the certification authority TUV SUD-recognized throughout the automotive industry.

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