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According to the Ministry of Transport instalation of LPG or CNG, is not reason for total loss of warranty, can only result in loss of warranty for parts that come into contact with LPG. Therefore, we offer insurance for such parts that are in contact with LPG exclusively the only ones in the Czech Republic and it is provided with warranty from the manufacturer or distributor of new vehicles.

Why LPG / CNG insurance?

In reality with insurance we compensate potentional harm with would void the warranty of the specific motor parts retrofitting LPG. What's more, this is your next PLUS, you can insure these motor vehicle parts for vehicles even up to the age of 4 years old. The insurance is valid throughout Europe and the insurance coverage is sufficient for solving fatal engine failure.

What are the advantages of LPG / CNG insurance?

  • Insurance is for parts that are in contact with LPG or CNG and not covered by warranty from the manufacturer
  • Optional insurance for vehicles to the age of 4 years
  • Our cooperation and technical assistance in the assessment of defects and determination the method of repair
  • Valid across whole Europe
  • The amount of coverage is sufficient for large engine failure

How much is it?

The cheapest insurance you can arrange with is starting on 1250, - CZK. The price mainly depends on the age and type of vehicle.

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