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Neplatný Vstup

Neplatný Vstup

Customer reviews

Your satisfied customer - Petr

I wish everyone a nice day. I read posts dealing with badly done remodeling or customer dissatisfaction with the services of some installers on forums everywhere. Sure, it is necessary to show the shortcomings, but why not to praise good ones. Because I contribute on this forum aswell, my thanks for the outstanding job belongs to you. I will be recommending your company to all friends and colleagues. (Octavia 1.6 - February) Petr

Doc. MUDr. Miroslav Ticháček, CSc.

Dear Sirs, I have already rebuilt the fourth car on gas. Two in the place of my former residence in the north of Bohemia and two here at Vejminku in the South Bohemian Region. The last vehicle I rebuilt with you. I can compare. I was quite lucky in selecting companies, although everywhere found some small problems. Probably my last vehicle (I'm already retired) Hyundai i30 you guys did in Autogas Centrum Plus. I was already surprised on arrival: a warm welcome, refreshments, clean workshop and especially familiar with the equipment that will be installed in my vehicle. It is not seen often. Vehicle handover in the same spirit. Explanation of operation, service and warranties. I wish these companies were in the Czech Republic in various areas more. I know that customers on the forums would rather write about bad experiences, but also why not to praise good ones. Gentlemen, I thank you all.

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