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Below we will try to objectively summarize the advantages and disadvantages of vehicle operation with LPG conversion. We will try to help you to decide whether to use a possibility of conversion to LPG vehicles. The following data is based on our long experience with construction and we are trying to take into account the views of our clients, whose opinions are for us very strong feedback.


  • Car operation for half of the cost
  • Less wear and tear on the engine
  • Increased estimated range
  • Reduced expenses during service inspections
  • Less frequent replacement spark plugs or exhaust parts
  • Longer engine life
  • Ability of riding on a petrol or diesel
  • Eco-driving
  • Cars with LPG are exempt from a road tax
  • Increased value of vehicle
  • Dense network of filling stations

Benefits are not only associated with an operation of a vehicle, but there is also a number of advantages resulting from increased durability of the engine.

Benefits associated with a maintenance

  • Less frequent oil and filter change
  • No formation of impurities in the engine
  • Longer life of exhaust parts
  • LPG cleans the spark plugs
  • Longer engine life
  • No oil dilution
  • There are no carbon deposits of fuel

A complete list of all of the benefits of conversion to LPG would occupy many pages, but we have tried to summarize the most important benefits that conversion brings to our customers.


  • Initial investment in conversion (fast return)
  • Consumption increase by about 10% but in the final view this is not a disadvantage due to the price of LPG
  • Slight reduction in engine power by about 5% - very much depends on the system
  • Annual inspection of gas equipment
  • Reduction of the boot space (partially resolves toroidal tank)
  • Life of LPG tank is 10 years
  • Some underground parking ban entry for vehicles with LPG

From prospective of our clients and our own experience we bring a list of disadvantages that can be associated with conversion to LPG. If we take closer look at the various disadvantages, we can make some simple ways to refute or at least minimize their weight when deciding to invest in conversion to LPG.

Our view of the mentioned disadvantages

Regarding the initial investment, which is compensated by lower operating expenses of a vehicle operation, usually after running about 25,000 km, this investment is completely offset.

As the disadvantages set out below, the increased consumption by an average of 10% in the final aspect is not disadvantage, because this increase is compensated by the lower price of LPG compared to petrol.

Power reduction very much depends on the type of the installed equipment. Even with some LPG conversions on the other hand, we are able to increase engine performance.

The annual inspections of LPG are really needed, however, it is not very expensive for regular vehicle maintenance. Amounts for the revision of a gas equipment are around a few hundreds of czech crowns.

Reducing the luggage compartment can be solved with using a toroidal tank type or location of LPG tanks in vehicles reserve space, the provision in the current legislation is not bound to have a spare tyre.

The life of the tank is actually 10 years and it is determined by decree from the date of manufacture. It is important for thhe safety of a car crew.

The entrance to some underground garages is still prohibited because of inadequate ventilation, however, the situation is getting better each year and most underground garages should be available for vehicles with LPG.

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Your satisfied customer - Petr

I wish everyone a nice day. I read posts dealing with badly done remodeling or customer dissatisfaction with the services of some installers on forums everywhere. Sure, it is necessary to show the shortcomings, but why not to praise good ones. Because I contribute on this forum aswell, my thanks for the outstanding job belongs to you. I will be recommending your company to all friends and colleagues. (Octavia 1.6 - February) Petr

Doc. MUDr. Miroslav Ticháček, CSc.

Dear Sirs, I have already rebuilt the fourth car on gas. Two in the place of my former residence in the north of Bohemia and two here at Vejminku in the South Bohemian Region. The last vehicle I rebuilt with you. I can compare. I was quite lucky in selecting companies, although everywhere found some small problems. Probably my last vehicle (I'm already retired) Hyundai i30 you guys did in Autogas Centrum Plus. I was already surprised on arrival: a warm welcome, refreshments, clean workshop and especially familiar with the equipment that will be installed in my vehicle. It is not seen often. Vehicle handover in the same spirit. Explanation of operation, service and warranties. I wish these companies were in the Czech Republic in various areas more. I know that customers on the forums would rather write about bad experiences, but also why not to praise good ones. Gentlemen, I thank you all.

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