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Apart from routine maintenance work specified by the vehicle manufacturer, it is required for vehicles with retrofitted LPG system to perform:

  • Control or. adjustment of engine valve clearance every 40.000 km
  • Mandatory annual review of the LPG / CNG
  • Replacement of the LPG filter every 20.000 km
  • Changing the tank LPG / CNG every 10 years
  • Leakage detection of equipment LPG / CNG and control wiring every 20.000 km

If the vehicle is operated on LPG / CNG or in combination LPG / CNG and gasoline, the values of the current fuel consumption, average fuel consumption and range on-board computer, may be distorted and can not be used.

For smooth operation of the LPG / CNG it is recommended to keep ignition system and air-filter in perfect condition.

Maintenance of LPG / CNG, which may be carried out by owner

Leak testing equipment according to safety guidelines. Other maintenance is performed only by authorized service organizations in the above-mentioned time and mileage intervals.

Service and revision

We advice to our clients to attand all regular inspections and checks in our service where we are able prevent potential failures or other ailments that may not be obvious to the user of the vehicle during the operation.

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