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Company AUTOGAS CENTRUM PLUS s.r.o. based in Prachatice, provides for devices on alternative drive LPG / CNG guarantee of 24 months from date of the mounting.

In the event that the system of LPG or CNG is installed on a new vehicle before sale, we provide 36-month warranty or 100,000 km, from the implementation of the assembly. In this case, for the first 24 months of vehicle warranty regardless of mileage; for the remaining 12 (25 to 36) months of the vehicle there is limited warranty applies to 100.000 km.

The warranty period is prolonged for the time spend of warranty service.

We guarantee the quality of material and workmanship devices of alternative fuel LPG / CNG.Any defects covered by the warranty, are repaired free of charge by an authorized service that provides guarantees. Under the warranty the purchaser is entitled only to repair the defective parts. They are excluded rights including the right to withdraw from the contract and the right to damages and any expenses related to the defect.

No warranty is provided in the event that:

  • Faults occurred by tampering on device
  • Repairs carried out by unauthorized company
  • Faults or problems are caused by dysfunction of the original equipment of vehicle (ignition cables, spark plugs, lambda probes, etc..)
  • Mechanicaly damage parts (improper repairs, vehicle accident, etc.)
  • Prescribed maintenance is not carried out according to the vehicle manufacturer and supplier of LPG or CNG
  • Defects caused by impurities in the LPG / CNG (mechanical impurities, water, etc..)

No warranty is given to the filters of LPG or CNG and membranes of reducer.

In the petrol tank must be at least 10 liters of fuel, otherwise it may cause damage to the fuel pump.

Customer shall be obliged to submit the warranty card attachment to TP on the installation of alternative propulsion LPG / CNG and instructions for operation and maintenance, which includes service book.


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